What’s this all about?

How to be a creature in a world of machines.

In the parable of the ten virgins, Christ praises those who remain vigilant, hopeful, and disciplined as they anticipate the bridegroom. As Johnny Cash sings, “The virgins are trimming their wicks.”

In the face of uncertainty, despair can be seductive.

“Trimming the Wicks” is about holding on to light and levity even when the future looks grim. It’s “lighting a candle” rather than “cursing the darkness.” It’s celebrating what it means to be “fully alive,” pursuing good things, rather than passing time in a distracted, dissolute state.

That all sounds serious. I also want it to be fun. Fun to read, fun to get in your inbox. There’s already plenty of serious/culture war/doom-and-gloom content out there.

My only hope is that you have a good time and come away feeling a tad smarter.

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"There's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for." -Samwise Gamgee


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